Energy Policy

As an industrial solid tire and rubber related product manufacturing company, endeavor of Laugfs Corporation (Rubber) Limited is to reduce the consumption of specific energy and costs associated in order to promote sustainability in terms of environmental and economic aspects. We continue our operations with energy reduction strategies over the time. We are committed to adopt best practices, latest engineering knowhow while encouraging the employee commitment.

We keep our motivation towards continuous improvements in energy performance for all manufacturing processes and its related services. In order to achieve this, we shall purchase of energy efficient machinery, equipment and services, design for energy performance improvement, set and review energy objectives and make targets and capture all information related to energy consumption and provide necessary resources to meet the set objectives and targets.

Our operations shall comply with all applicable legal and other regulatory requirements regularly that relate to our energy use and efficiency and its monitoring. We are committed to make future expansions of the company by taking energy efficient aspects into account.

This energy policy will be reviewed annually and will be updated upon changes in the consumption pattern of energy in the manufacturing process that are affected due to capacity changes.

We will communicate the policy to personnel at all levels internally and externally and ensure that its contents are understood and that all are committed towards achieving its set goals.

Health Safety & Environmental Policy

LAUGFS Corporation (Rubber) Ltd is committed to practice of sound environmental management practices and promotion of health, safety and well-being of our employees. To achieve this, the company shall;

  • Meet or exceed all applicable compliance obligations and company environmental, safety and health standards.
  • Committed to protection of environment and prevention of pollution by
  • Closely monitoring of all activities to reduce environmental impact on such activates and to maintain healthy environmental and working conditions for prevention of ill-health and injuries.
  • Participating in recycling to the greatest practical extent to reduce impact on landfills and promote recovery of valuable resources.
  • Strive to continual improvement of the health, safety and environmental management system through improved technology, process improvements and due diligence

Quality Policy

Our uncompromising aim is to establish leadership and to be a brand of choice in industrial tire sector, By providing technologically superior products with customer delight through total involvement of everyone in supply chain, and by promoting LAUGFS' unique corporate culture, that is always committed to quality and continual improvement whilst adhering to the applicable legal requirements.

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